16 May 2014

Suluban Cliff Villa guest blog review

Sharing the Suluban Cliff Villa experience .

Think 5 excited girl friends at the beginning of vacay and you know you get a chatty, squealish pack. Right?
So then you can imagine what it would take to shut all 5 of us up simultaneously. This view did it:
As we entered the villa through the sleek living and dining area, we were unprepared for how astonishing the view would be. The beauty was commanding no matter where we looked, reducing us wide-eyed and slack-jawed.
The staff, probably used to gawking first timers, promptly served up a round of welcome drinks to lift us from our stunned stupor. We quickly organized ourselves into the 4 bedrooms, which were more like standalone villas.
The villa was staffed with a manager, a chef, and other staff who would sweetly cater to our every whim. It sounds like a big crew to take care of 5 girls, but they managed to stay unobtrusive yet ever present. We could have our meals whenever we want, wherever we want – in the cushy dining room, at the dining bale by the pool, at our loungers, and everything was delicious.
We needed pre-order our food and snacks for the next day so that chef could get it ready, and therefore any spontaneous cravings may not be satisfied. That was really the only downside about not having booked with a large commercial resort with a well-stocked kitchen.
After breakfast and ready to start the day!
The days were languid. The toughest whether we should read a magazine or take a nap by the pool; have a massage now or take lunch first; order the nth portion of keropok or have an avocado shake with palm sugar…
 We initially had plans to see a little of Uluwatu, visit the famed temple, and hit up Jimbaran for some seafood. But we couldn’t tear ourselves away from this place. Exploring can wait till the next visit.
Have I mentioned the infinity pool? Always inviting, never too cold to swim in (even at night), and has a brilliant glass wall at the end so you could see the magnificent view while underwater! I don’t have enough superlatives to describe just how awesome it is, so I’ll just show you these:

When the sun begins to set, we’ll sit in silence and watch the sky turn a thousand hues. Only when the last sun ray disappears behind the horizon do we collect ourselves and prepare for dinner.
Late at night, we would gaze at the stars and wait for the shooting stars, wishing the vacation would last a little longer.

Clear cloudless skies, the most gorgeous panoramic sea view, breathtaking sunsets, cold Bintang with addictive keropok, fabulous massages everyday, and deliciously cooked-to-order meals – that pretty much summed up our holiday.
Vacations always leave a lingering bittersweet aftertaste for weeks upon one’s return to reality, some more than the others. I’m no stranger to post-vacation-withdrawal, but the Suluban Cliff Villa left me with a uncommon amount of the blues.
Can’t wait to be back.
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