27 January 2013

Enjoy your cuppa at Suluban Cliff

Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea with a biscuit or some local Bali cakes .

Breakfast fresh toast and freshly brewed Bali coffee .  We stock the beans and each cuppa is made from freshly ground Bali coffee beans from our Gaggia  machine.

Special hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a swirl of chocolate sauce  and freshly baked cookies.

20 January 2013

Services at Suluban Cliff Bali Villa

Dining for 2 at the Terrace 
Our clifftop terrace al fresco dining for 2  for your outdoor  lunchtime   enjoyment.

Cigar selection  at Suluban Cliff
Suluban Cliff Siglo Humidor stock with finest Cuban
cigars ranging from Monte Cristo to Bolivar Belicosos.

Indonesian Sauces platter

Accompanying the Indonesian Rice Platter is an array of Indonesian  sauces commonly known as sambal .  These add a punch to the meal if you like spicy and hot  taste as most are chilli based.  They include sambal ulek, sambal belado,  sambal mantah , kicap cabe or just sliced chillis !

19 January 2013

Dining by Suluban Cliff Bale in the evening stars

Our cook grilling and cooking  by the bale for your dining under the stars
Pre dinner champagne by the Suluban Cliff bale
The Suluban Cliff bale and bar area is perfect for that evening cocktail lounge.  Experience dining by the oceanfront with table set up on our lawn or dine at the bale sofa. Our cook will  grill seafood platter of king prawns, squid, fish  or lobster at our bale bar area and serve them fresh and hot to you .

14 January 2013

Bali Spa Pavillion Suluban Cliff Villa

Spa pavillion of Suluban Cliff Bali Villa 
Capturing a sweeping view of the spa room with its  two massage beds and the spa sofa. Mirrored wall to enhance the spa room feeling and bold fuschia string curtains in keeping with the Suluban Cliff Villa favourite theme colours.   Here you can enjoy blissful Balinese massages using jasmine oil .

The spa pavillion is tucked beneath the living entrance and the sky lit  ceiling affords some natural lights in.