13 July 2012

Bali sunset at Suluban Cliff Villa

Across Suluban Cliff Infinity Pool 
By the oceanfront edge at Suluban Cliff 

Your private veawing at Suluban Cliff 

Illuminating Suluban Cliff as the sun sets 

Cocktails & Canapes by the ocean front at Suluban Cliff 

Sunset spectacle viewing at Suluban Cliff Villa 
The summer time viewing of the evening colours at Suluban Cliff is simply stunning. With our panoramic oceanview and unobsructive view whether from our clifftop terrace or by the bale/gazebo at the cliff edge, its a sunset watch spectacle not to be missed.

Sunset watch - Your very own private viewing "gallery"   at Suluban Cliff   with some cocktails and canapes.