22 December 2012

Bali Villa Suluban Cliff google map

                    Location map of Suluban Cliff Bali Villa


8 December 2012

с видом на океан бесконечности бассейн


Panoramic view of ocean, beach, inifnity pool, bale at Suluban Cliff

Suluban Cliff Bali Villa Fruit platter

Suluban Cliff Bali Villa fruit platter presentation. Nicely sliced and arranged on the plate  and feast to the eyes with the vivid colours of seasonal tropical fruits such as the local watermelon, papaya, mangosteen, mangoes, passionfruits, salak , pineapple and many more.

Also perfect for making fresh juices with the local fruits.   Enjoy these at Suluban Cliff Villa

3 November 2012

Suluban Cliff Villa Guest Review l Ulasan Tamu Villa Suluban Cliff

Wonderful Family Vacation Experience-
Reviewed by: Rikki from USA

Reviewed on: 11/02/2012 for their stay in 08/2012
Luxury Bali Villa Rental Suluban Cliff on Flipkey / TripAdvisor 

Staying at Suluban Cliff Villa was a great family vacation stay. There were 8 adults and 1 child and it couldn't have been a better place to stay while in Bali.

From the moment we arrived to the time we left, we were catered to and cared for like members of an extended family. The staff there, with Mr. Balam, the manager, were very helpful in all our needs. The staff was ever-accomodating and since we were with our parents, this was extremely important to make sure they were comfortable at all times.

The villa itself...ultra cool and modern!  Each guest "house" had lots of closet space, exotic outdoor shower, state of the art indoor amenities and TV/DVD. 
Very comfortable bed as well. 

Two of the walls facing the ocean and the middle section of the whole villa were wall to wall, floor to ceiling windows and doors.  Fully functioning AC as well!

The pool!   Well, this was the main hangout area most part of the day. The bale next to the pool, it's a great place for morning tea as well as a late night wrap up of the whole day. The whole family had a fabulous time in the pool. Fresh towels were brought upon request as well. Just wish that they had pool toys like noodles or water games, but we had plenty of fun regardless.

There is also a spa room w/ a bathroom. My husband and I took a massage. I was hoping that there would have been calm and soothing music but instead, I could hear the whole family by the pool. Not a deal breaker though.

The food...we wanted to have indigenous food and this was such a great idea. We love the spice and various masalas in the cooking and the chef delivered exactly that. We were also able to get simple pasta dishes/pizza for the vegetarians. There were drinks readily available including beer, wine, juices etc. Breakfast was something we all looked forward to.

The only thing I needed was a phone in the Bale by the pool to communicate w/ the staff in the main living area.

Wonderful villa, don't hesitate to book at all !!


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22 September 2012

19 September 2012

Отзывы нашего сообщества отзывы путешественников

Очень рекомендую

Отзыв написан 25 сентября 2011

Отпуск, который останется в памяти надолго! Идеальное уединенное место для отдыха с друзьями или семьей. 10 дней полной роскоши – проживание как в 5-звездочном отеле за минусом других гостей вокруг тебя. Безукоризненный сервис, обслуживающий персонал вышколен предугадывать все твои малейшие пожелания. Вилла очень просторна, построена в современном дизайнерском стиле. Со всех сторон открывается сказочный вид на Индийский океан. А закаты просто не описать. Особо сильное впечатление прозвел бассейн-инфинити, кажется что он сливается с океаном и растворяется в бесконечности. Очень рекомендую остановиться в Сулубане, если планируете посетить Бали!
  Пребывание в сентябре 2011, тип поездки: поездка с друзьями

Бесконечность бассейн Suluban Cliff Villa