25 August 2011

Balinese etiquette and customs ..Show a little respect

Balinese etiquette and customs

Hindu shrines to Ganesh are common in Bali
Hindu shrines to Ganesh are common in Bali
Religious adherence and tradition permeates every aspect of daily life which makes Bali such a fascinating place to visit. It is very easy to immerse yourself in a little of this unique culture as there are colourful rituals and festivities to witness almost on a daily basis. Bali has been an immensely popular island retreat for decades and locals are well used to the different habits and attitudes of Western travellers. All the same, visitors should still employ common sense and show the same restraint and modesty as is expected in any Asian country.
Away from the beach, revealing dress is frowned upon and you should definitely cover up in more rural areas of the island. Public displays of affection are also to be avoided, although people will rarely make their feelings known. 
You should always remember that the hectic resort of Kuta is far removed from average Balinese life. This is a hedonistic playground awash with scantily clad bar girls and public displays of drunkenness which is tolerated here but elsewhere in Bali attitudes are much more conservative.  
The Balinese in general dislike any confrontation and tend to react indifferently to raised voices or threatening behaviour. Always bear this in mind when bargaining for goods and services and always try to keep the conversation good humoured.
Remember that you may be haggling over just a few thousand rupiah which to a foreign visitor is a tiny amount that is hardly worth losing sleep over.  
Visiting a Hindu temple is a must during any break in Bali and learning a few simple rules on etiquette will certainly make it a more rewarding experience. Everyone who enters a temple must wear a sarong and sash and at the most popular temples there is always a few kiosks who rent them out for a few thousand rupiahs. Donations are expected and always ask permission before taking photographs as some places strictly forbid this. Those that do allow it may charge an extra couple of thousand rupiah for the privilege. 
Flamboyant annual festivities take place at all temples along with huge island wide celebrations such as Nyepi and Galungan. Visitors are most welcome to attend and experience the wonderful atmosphere but are requested to keep a polite distance and not to interfere with praying or processions. 
There are no special considerations for eating out in Bali as tipping etiquette here is similar to many places around the world. Tipping is not compulsory although ten per cent is considered a sufficient amount for a decent meal. Many tourist-orientated eateries already impose a service charge of ten per cent and in upmarket restaurants and hotels this could add up to a combined 21 per cent tax and service charge. Other areas to consider rewarding good service include tour guides, hotel room service and taxi drivers.

Bali Holiday review at Suluban Cliff Villa

5 of 5 starsReviewed August 21, 2011 NEW
Possibly one of the bst beach holidays I have had, much thanks to the amazing hospitality of the villa. Staff were superb and food was amazing. The view and facilities are unparalleled. Simply breathtaking..i was happy staying in the villa and not leaving at all. Great for people looking for some peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle. The home cooked mals plus the chilli that they serve are out of the world. Definitely going back to this villa whenever I'm in Bali
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18 August 2011

Ulasan Tamu Vila Suluban Cliff

Diulas pada Oktober 26, 2010

Apa tempat yang bagus! Hi Tech lindungan-damai / dimanjakan / efisien... kami memiliki konferensi industri di Nusa Dua (Bali - tempat yang sulit untuk konferensi!). Daripada salah satu dari banyak Nusa Dua hotel wisatawan, rekan-rekan saya dan saya memutuskan untuk memesan Suluban Cliff karena dari ulasan yang baik, dan itu adalah dari hubub tetapi cukup dekat untuk Nusa Dua (30 menit). Kami memesan dua mobil / driver melalui Villa di semua hari siaga (sangat terjangkau) dan rekan-rekan saya dan saya menikmati lima hari besar terjadi antara kerja dan villa relaksasi.
Kita bisa pergi ke Konferensi ketika kita ingin dan bersantai oleh kolam menakjubkan dimanja ketika kita tidak perlu berada di sana. Rencana brilian!. Itu bekerja dengan baik. 
Dekat dengan besar link lapangan golf terlalu di mana kami berhasil permainan atau dua.
Wayan koki/chef  villa masak memperlakukan dan lezat Bali spesialisasi. Staf  menyajikan dan memastikan kami diperlakukan seperti bangsawan. Satu malam kami mengatur jamuan perusahaan dengan klien di Villa (Wayan dan stafyang unggul) makan malam-(semua makanan Indonesia) adalah tingkat pertama / mengesankan dan dinikmati oleh semua. 
Villa ini memiliki itu semua, pandangan yang besar, super service, makanan yang sangat baik, kamar tidur mewah dengan baik  (luas kamar mandi bintang 5 besar) semua modcons. Saya terutama menyukai mampu untuk plug dalam ipod saya di mana saja di villa dan wifi yang bekerja terlalu! Duduk di tepi kolam dengan laptop, musik yang dingin dan minuman dingin - ini cara untuk bekerja. Terima kasih untuk pengalaman.tidak ada yang buruk untuk mengatakan... kita akan kembali.
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