23 July 2011

Sunset Experience at Suluban Cliff Villa info@sulubancliffbali.com

Suluban Cliff Villa Bale ...Sunset, Sea , CliffEdge Pool  Experience

Catching that Perfect Sunset from Suluban Cliff Villa Oceanfront Seat

Its  July and time for that  gorgeous weather in Bali and more so in the southern tip of Bukit Peninsula where Suluban Cliff Villa perches.  Sunny , blue skies and yet cool and almost chilly breezes at  this time of the year.  Just wonderful for alfresco.  

The sunsets at this time are pictureque too at Suluban Cliff Villa as we get to catch it  set just about the west of Suluban Cliff Villa  over the Indian Ocean expanse.  In the privacy of Suluban Cliff oceanfront villa , you feel you are having your private viewing of the sunset ! 

At other times of the year say in December , sunsets are almost at the south west side of  the villa and you get the  silhouette of the villa green instead as the sun sets .

Evening Colours

Suluban Cliff Villa Sunset Skies & Scenery