25 September 2010

Sundown & Sunset Suluban Cliff Bali Villa

Suluban CLiff Edge Sundown .
As the evening approaches and  the unrelentless sunrays eases, its really the moment to relish at Suluban Cliff Villa , I feel.  
Fishing boats move across the ocean front of the villa making their journey back to mainland Java.
Long shadows cast on the villa property and landscape making dramatic silhouettes and the sky takes on breathtaking hues. If you are lucky, witness grandeur bright orange skies in the last minutes of sunset. 
Perfect way to enjoy the view and nature's beauty of ocean, skies and sunset  is really to go alfresco by Suluban Cliff's cliff edge bale sipping your cocktails or dip into the infinity pool to be at the glass edge. 


8 September 2010

Luxury Villa Private Jet Getaway

Private Jet Getaway to Suluban Cliff Edge Bali Villa

Travel & Retreat in Exclusive Style
Offering the Jet Royal private jet travel Jakarta- Denpasar and return for your ultimate oceanfront retreat at Suluban Cliff  Bali Villa.  For more information email info@sulubancliffbali.com